Fräulein - Sink Or Swim
Fräulein - Sink Or Swim

Fräulein - Sink Or Swim

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The new mini-album, Sink Or Swim, allows that confidence full voice, switching between the brooding build of new double single ‘Feels Like Flying’, to the rhythmically complex cyclone of 2024’s opener ‘Wait And See’ and the seasick thrashing of ‘The Last Drop’. The band have already gathered enviable support from recent releases from the likes of DIY Mag, The Line Of Best Fit, Clash, So Young, The Independent, Loud & Quiet and Radio 1 & 6 Music, who all shone a light on the fast-rising band.

  1. Feels Like Flying (Night)
  2. Wait and See
  3. Pruning
  4. The Last Drop
  5. Feeling Good
  6. In The Living Room
  7. Feels Like Flying (Day)