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Aquarius - Double CD (Signed)

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"Aquarius" Double CD signed by Toby Lee.

This format contains a bonus "Jams" disc which is a series of instrumentals inspired by Toby's Sunday jam sessions video series

Album tracklist:

  1. ‘Lovebug’
  2. ‘Real Love’
  3. ‘One Foot On The Path’
  4. ‘Key To The Highway’
  5. ‘Kansas City’
  6. ‘Platform 15’
  7. ‘Take The Wheel’
  8. ‘The Search For Happiness’
  9. ‘It Could Be So Easy’
  10. ‘You Don’t Know Me’

Bonus disc tracklist:

  1. ‘Back Street Blues’
  2. ‘Cruisin’
  3. ‘Down The Road’
  4. ‘Punch Drunk’
  5. ‘Lockdown’