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Jet-skis ripping across a jewel-green bay. Piña Coladas on ice, shredded in the blender. An alligator drops into a sick-ass guitar solo, then takes the last chorus up a notch with an unusual harmony you simply didn’t see coming. 

This is “Huffy,” the brand new studio album from We Are Scientists. Ten tracks recorded and produced by the band, and mixed by ear-athlete Claudius Mittendorfer.

Each of Huffy’s five cassette colors offers the entirety of “Huffy” on Side A, and its own special collection of additional material on the flip-side — a selection pulled from the tape-only demos, acoustic versions, commentary, sketches, and recorded boasts. 

Five cassettes — five different experiences. 

The yellow cassette is for the heroes out there ready to take on Side B. 
The orange cassette awaits sentimentalists as well as bookish types, who will adore Side C.
The blue cassette is for any mind serious enough to handle Side D. 
You will probably ask to be buried with your copy of the pink cassette, rather than leaving it to your children, so attached will you become to Side E. 
The green cassette was practically designed with you in mind, if you’re into slightly weirder stuff, like Side F. 

(Note: Your chosen cassette will not include the other 4 sides, please check above and the product image to find which sides are included on your cassette)

Tracklisting of Side A:

1 - You’ve Lost Your Shit
2 - Contact High
3 - Handshake Agreement
4 - I Cut My Own Hair
5 - Just Education
6 - Sentimental Education
7 - Fault Lines
8 - Pandemonium
9 - Bought Myself A Grave
10 - Behavior Unbecoming

Tracklisting of Sides B, C, D, E & F:

Side B (yellow) // Huffy de-Huffed: An Acoustic Experience
Side C (orange) // Pre-Huffy: The Demos
Side D (blue) // The Lobes Radio Hour Presents “Lou & Conch in the Unnerving Castle of Dr. Ghoulsmith”
Side E (pink) // The Megaplexperts
Side F (green) // The Cocktails of Huffy